Lumsum Pigeon Netting Installation Done By Wearecreative, At La Vista Chs, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

The most beautiful face of Mumbai is a sunset amidst the pigeons. Tourists who visit Mumbai make it a point to get down on the streets and feed the pigeons. But to residents of Mumbai, these pigeons cause more trouble than one could imagine. We reside at La Vista Chs, that is located at Plot 256 & 257, Sector-10, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. Our buildings have been constantly deteriorated by flocks of pigeons. We faced three major issues due to these pigeons. The first one is that the pigeon droppings gave our building an unappealing look. No matter how many times we paint, we were not able to get rid of this issue.


The second issue we faced was due to the pigeon nest and pigeon eggs in the duct. The third issue was that a few pigeons that nested in these duct windows died. This caused a lot of trouble for the people in our community. Despite testing several methods to wade away the pigeons, none of them worked effectively. In one of our attempts, we worked with (Creative Pest and Bird Solutions). They have indeed done amazing work and we are satisfied with the quality of work and the results. We planned and installed the Lumsum pigeon netting that covers all the duct windows thoroughly. We have installed sparrow nets of very small pore size.


The team from were very friendly. They visited our place and viewed our problems. They made the right suggestions and provided the right support throughout the setting up. Just like they assured, they worked perfectly. They measured the dimensions of every duct window and covered it completely. We are totally happy with the results after installation. There has been a drastic reduction in the number of issues faced by pigeons.


Further, as the ducts were closed, the pigeons started swarming around in the balconies. The situation worsened as the pigeons tried entering houses through the openings in the balcony. The team from also offered to solve this issue by netting the balconies in each house. This made sure that our building is no longer suffering from blocked ducts due to pigeon nests.


Pigeons are a problem faced by almost all residents in Navi Mumbai. But people hesitate to use nets as it might take away the look of the building. But have amazing products, that makes sure the netting does not look odd on the building. Moreover, they work personalised. This results in a comparatively better finishing when compared to the readily available net sizes. The pores in the nets were also small when compared to the other pest control solutions.


Our society is totally satisfied with the quality of work provided by (Creative Pest and Bird Solutions). We even recommended the team from to our neighbours in Navi Mumbai who had been facing a similar issue constantly for years. Just as they guaranteed the nets have been firm and in place for quite a long time. Thank you (Creative Pest and Bird Solutions).

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