Pigeon Netting Done At Excel Residency AIROLI

Mumbai is known for a very high population of pigeons. These swarming birds might look beautiful in places like Marine Drive and Gateway of India. But not in your home or workplace. We are located at Airoli Exit road in Navi Mumbai. There has been a constant problem due to pigeons in our place. Pigeons look beautiful when they sit on the terrace, but not when we found pigeon droppings everywhere. We tried shooing them away but nothing worked.


Our next attempt was to make sure our building looked clean without pigeon droppings. So we repainted the building. The building was repainted white and within the next few months, the building looked shabby again with pigeon droppings. We painted the building white to give a fresh look, but the pigeons made it worst. Apart from the exteriors, the ducts were also filled with pigeon dropping and would clog now and then. All this put together only increased the expenditure for maintenance but offered no solution.


When we were left with no other option, we started approaching bird control services. That is how we ended up with Wearecreative.in (Creative Pest and bird control solutions). They have been working on Bird control in Navi Mumbai. They came up with an idea to wrap our building in a bird net. However, we did not initially find the idea appealing. We thought that it would make the building appear as though it is surrounded by a cage. But they promised to protect our place from pigeons, with no compromise on the appearance.


We installed the Lumsum pigeon netting for the entire building. The entire building is now protected from pigeons. Even the flat windows are tightly secured. We no longer worry about the pigeons destroying the beauty of the place. And the best part is that the netting is coloured the same as the building, and it doesn’t look odd anymore.


We initially had many doubts running through our mind. If this would work. Will this make the building look ugly and so on. But the team from Wearecreative.in (Creative pest and bird control solutions) stood by our side and answered all our questions. With their 7 years of expertise in the field of bird control, they clearly understood our requirements. They handcraft every net according to our size requirements. The finishing of the work is just amazing and doesn’t leave any unappealing look. We would say there were no flaws in it.


The team from Creative pest and bird control is an expert in this field. They surveyed our building, checking out every nook and corner of it. They crafted out a clear plan and explained it to us. Just like they mentioned they did an amazing work in keeping pigeons away. Creative pest and bird control are indeed creative in offering excellent solution to pest problems in Navi Mumbai and surrounding areas. We no longer spend on the building’s duct maintenance and repainting. Thanks to the one-stop solution offered by Wearecreative.in.

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