Pigeon Netting Done by Wearecreative, at E.V Homes Orion, Nerul, Navi Mumbai.

The first thing that people consider beautiful about Mumbai is the “Gateway of India” and the pigeons in the vicinity. These pigeons are fed frantically by the tourists and the people of the local community. These attractive flock of birds also cause a nuisance with their droppings. We are located at Plot-120, New sector -50, Nerul, Navi Mumbai. Along with the beautiful and iconic view of the coast, we also encounter serious bird pest problems.


The swimming pool in our society was seriously affected by these birds. The pool turned out deserted and useless for all our society members. It wasn’t just the swimming pool that was ruined. Almost all the ducts were crowded with pigeon nest and eggs. We never imagined that pigeons would cause such devastating effects on our homes. The screeches caused by these birds and the smell of pigeon droppings caused serious discomfort to the people in our flat. For a long time, we tried sorting out this issue, seeking help from several bird control agencies. But every effort we took turned futile.


In one of our attempts to solve this issue with the pigeons, we worked with “Wearecreative.in (Creative Pest and bird control solutions)”. They offered to sort this issue by installing Pigeon net for all duct windows. With the high-quality wire ropes and corner fixtures, they made sure that all the ducts in the flat were sealed. They customized and worked on every duct and opening. This solved the issues faced due to pigeons in the ducts.


The team of experts visited our place and suggested a Pigeon netting of 40MM for the swimming pool. Nets with small-sized holes were used to cover the swimming pool. This made sure that the pool was free from pigeon waste. The team of experts had worked with care in every step. The finishing was just like we had expected it to be. They worked with the utmost care and we are really satisfied with the results from Wearecreative.in (Creative Pest and bird control solutions).


The entire pool and the areas surrounding it are free from pigeon droppings. We are really happy to enjoy summers in the swimming pool, free from bird nuisance. The next thing we were afraid of was the life of these nets. But just like the team from Wearecreative.in had mentioned, these nets are long-lasting and continue to protect our flat. Its been a few years since we installed these nets, and we still find them efficient today. We are indeed pleased with the work from Wearecreative.in (Creative Pest and bird control solutions).


They work to meet our requirements with the utmost care. They customize and measure every time to make sure the finishing is perfect. We even recommended Wearecreative.in (Creative Pest and bird control solutions) to our neighbours who had been facing similar issues due to birds. The team is highly co-operative and is client-friendly. They solve out problems related to birds, without disrupting the look of the building. Thanks to the team from Creative Pest and bird control solutions for their amazing work.

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