Cockroaches and ants are one of the most common pest that can be seen in household. These are maybe the worst pest one might have to deal with in household. One of the main disadvantage of having cockroach in household is that it hides themselves so well and even make tiny holes in possible areas of your home where they can build their population. Cockroaches are often not noticeable until a good amount of it I present around the house. These hides in shelves and often contaminate the food that is left out. They spread a number of diseases to humans by going through the garbage and then through the possible areas of human contact and passing microbes. Ants on the other hand are more visible as they come out during day times, however it is as hard to get rid of them as it is to get rid of cockroaches. Ants too get into your food that is left out in open and often make it unusable afterwards. They too make their homes/anthills around the house which pose as a threaten to the house too. A bigger disadvantage of ants is that they never stick to just food alone, they can get into your dresses, papers and almost every other thing. Ant bites causes very bad rashes too in human.

While there are various house sprays and powders to kill these pests none of these is a permanent solution. These products might kill the pest off for a time being but they tend to come back making it a nuisance. Some of them also contain high chemicals like pyrethroids. Keeping naphthalene balls around home is also dangerous especially when you have small children at home. One of the best way to get rid of cockroaches and ants is by doing a pest control. Doing a pest control would help you get rid of even the largest population of pests at your home. Further they assure that these pests would not come back and destroys the areas of their breeding. Pest control uses advance technology and makes sure they do not cause any sort of harm to those living in house.

How we help you?

We at creative Pest and bird’s solutions understand your uncomfortability in sharing your living space with these pests. Our team of experts have an intense and extensive understanding of what these pests can do to your home and you in day to day life. With on-site inspection and using the latest technologies in killing pest such as gel baiting, we assure that your pest issue problems are solves from the roots of it rather than the surface. In fact, this is what sets us apart from other pest control agencies. Further, we make sure that the pesticides and techniques we use at your home are safe and doesn’t cause any sort of harm. We also do an extensive cleaning to remove their breeding areas. You can trust us to provide 80-95% results within two weeks of pest control and even have a long lasting effect.

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