There are numerous types of flies around us that we encounter in our day to day basis. Some of them include houseflies, drain fly, fruit flies, fire flies and many more. These flies often are huge nuisance with their buzzing sounds and contaminating any food particle that is lying around. Since the flies often goes to feed on materials that have numerous bacteria in them, when they get in contact with the food, they spread those to the food which when consumed causes severe diseases in humans. Several diseases such as cholera, tuberculosis, syphilis are spread just from the house flies. Since India is in generally a sub-tropical country that has a warm climate, these flies find it easy to populate and breed.

Like the other pests, these too populate very easily and spread out. One of the major disadvantage is that many of the chemicals that are used to kill other insects do not work on the flies. This is mainly because they are quite small in size and has the ability to sense danger and fly off fast. The infestation of flies should be taken seriously as even in normal conditions having housefly around the house invites diseases especially to children and older people. While there are insect traps available, it can be a nuisance too with its constant buzzing sound. The uv light these traps emit are also found to be harmful. Further, one might need to constantly remove the dead insects and clean them regularly in order to ensure hygiene and safety. Even then these traps do not give a long lasting effect as they can only kill the insects that are close to the trap. This is why the best way to get rid of flies is by going for an effective pest control treatment.

How can we help you?

As a team of experts in field biology and technology, we look at the most effective way to eradicate the population of flies by targeting their breeding areas. We take an inspection and provide you with the best methods to get rid of the flies which include residual spraying, larvicide treatment and foam service. The well trained professionals in our team offer three types of service from which you can choose according to your need. They include:

  • Inside only treatment – This include treating the insides of your house where the flies are prone to come and breed which includes kitchen, dining area, window frames, ceiling and other possible contact areas.
  • Outside only treatment – This includes treatment in the outside area of your home where there are chances for flies to breed and enter into your house. The treatment will be done in front and back porches, around windows and other relevant areas.
  • Full treatment - If you feel that your house has a heavy infestation of flies, then its best to do a full treatment. This includes both inside house and outside house treatment and help to eradicate all the possible areas of fly breeding. Select your possible service and say goodbye to the flies around you.

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