Pest Control Service

We provide professional pest control services for your home and office. Get rid of bed bugs, termite, Mosquito, Rodent, Cockroaches, Ants, House Flies, Lizards, Spiders & Crawling Insects from your home.

Cockroaches & Ants Pest Control

Cockroaches & Ants

Advanced Cockroaches & Ants Killer. We provide total and effective control for cockroaches & Ants.

Bed Bug Pest Control

Bed Bug

Effective bed bug killer service. Get guaranteed long-lasting solutions from bed bug problems.

Rodents Pest Control


Professional rodent control service. We specialize in rodent management system that is eco-friendly, 100% non-toxic and safe.

Lizards, Spiders & Crawling Insects Pest Control

Lizards, Spiders & Crawling Insects

Offering 100% safe & eco-friendly pest Control for Lizards, Spiders & Crawling Insect for home & office.

Mosquitoes Pest Control


Specialised Integrated Mosquito Management treatment. Effective against all sorts of mosquito infestations.

House Flies Pest Control

House Flies

Professional House flies Control & Removal service. We know house flies and how to get rid of them!

TermitesPest Control


Expert termite killer service. Get the best termite control service for your home and office.


Pest Control Company | Commercial & Residential Pest Control Services in Navi Mumbai & Thane by WeAreCreative is the leading Pest Control company in Navi Mumbai, Thane. We provide best commercial & residential pest control services in home, malls, schools, offices and factories.

Maintaining a house or an apartment is never easy. It requires your constant attention and you need to keep it clean always to make sure that it is maintained. However, the one thing the house keepers cannot control is the invasion of pests. Pests just find one or the other way to enter your house and make it their home. This is mainly because they have a better living condition at houses and can easily survive. One can find various pests around house including cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, lizards, bed bugs and much more. Having these sort of pests in your home becomes an instant nuisance as they not only go through all your things but are carriers of many diseases as well. Not to mention the attention you might need to give if you have children or elderly people at home as they are easily prone to diseases spread by pests. Pests often go to various areas searching for food including unhygienic areas where there are high population of germs. These often get stuck on their legs which in turn passes into the food consumed by us, when these pests come in contact with them. Various diseases like diarrhea, malaria, allergy are caused just due to the presence of these pests. While there are various sprays and chemicals available in the market to get rid of pests, none of them provide a long lasting effect. Continuous use of some of these liquids and sprays would eventually make the pests resistant to them and even turn out to be harmful for humans as they contain various chemicals. It is due to these reasons that the best way to get rid of pests from your home and have it pest free is by consulting a pest control company. What sets pest controlling service apart from these market products is that they come and evaluate the seriousness of pest invasion and provide the apt solution for the necessary issue. In fact, they have a long lasting effect as well.

Who are we

We at work towards providing our clients with a We at work towards providing our clients with commercial and Residential pest control services in Navi Mumbai & Thane. We are a group of experts who are into pest controlling services. We provide various services such as cockroach control, termite control, termite removal etc to make your life an easier one. We have the latest technology right in our hands, we provide you with one of the best services with long lasting effects. What sets us apart is that we provide highly professional service as all our men are highly qualified in the field. Further we make sure of high standards of quality and safety. Often pest control services use chemicals that are quite harmful and would affect humans. We use safe chemicals which are safe for humans but harmful for pests to eradicate them. We as a pest control company in Thane & Navi Mumbai provide quick service and you can reach out to our experts at any time for booking slots, queries and re-session if required.