Termites might seem to be one of the smallest creatures in existence but they are the biggest threat to your house. They cause damage to all possible things around including furnishings, woodworks, stationary, cloths, rooftops and even coatings of cables. They are social insects who live as colonies and even attack as a large group. This is one of the main reason why they are really hard to kill. They are quite small and its often tough to spot them with human eye unless they have spread around your house and started building the mud castles. Further, even if you destroy a bunch there might be another set in another part of your home, not just destroying I but rapidly growing too. They hate being administered to light and travel through mud, which is why they build their own mud castles around the furnishing, woodworks, building materials etc as they destroy it. If you notice the behavior of termite, it can be seen that they return to their nest soon after they are done with procuring the food. This is why the best way to destroy them is to create a chemical barrier between their food and nest.

There are two types of termite treatment depending on the type of termites around and the space where the treatment needs to be done and its condition. In India, subterranean termites are common and these are one of the most destructive kind. Due to this, both types of treatment are one accordingly.

1. Pre-construction treatment

This treatment is done at the start of a construction so as to avoid termite invasion on the building and materials later on as the construction progresses. The soil is tested for termites and is treated with anti- termite chemicals. Further, the slab and the foundation of the building is also treated with termite barriers. Part two of this treatment is by treating the sides and bottom trenches of the foundation by making small holes at regular intervals and filling them with chemical emulsions and closing them. This way any sort of existing termites is killed off and the chances of them growing are possibly nullified.

2. Post-construction treatment

This treatment is done post the construction of a building. This treatment can also be done on existing buildings where termite invasion has taken place. There are different types of post construction treatments that can be done to prevent termites and even kill off the existing ones. Some are:

  • Drill Fill Seal treatment with 5 years guarantee
  • Wall and floor treatment - Termiticides are injected under pressure by drilling small holes on ground and upper floors.
  • Wooden fixture treatments - Termiticides are sprayed on all electrical points infested by termites. Further holes are drilled in furnishings and other wood works and the spray in injected.
  • Termite tube treatment - All visible termite tubes are sprayed and the termites are killed off
  • External perimeter treatment - The termicides are injected through small drilled holes in the exterior of your house t prevent further termite attacks.

All the holes are sealed and we guarantee you a minimum 3-year warranty against termites.

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