One of the most beautiful places to sit down for coffee in the evening is the balcony. From staring at the horizon to enjoying the bird’s eye view of the city. Sitting in your balcony can indeed be refreshing. But, is your balcony safe? If you reside in a high-rise apartment, you definitely wouldn’t want to give your balcony a caged and clumsy look. The only way to stay protected and keep up the architecture of your balcony is to set up an invisible grill.

Setting up an invisible grill for your balcony has several advantages

- Safety first

Balconies are risky especially for a household with little kids. You need a protective barrier in your balconies. Instead of picking the regular, thick iron grills, choose the invisible grill. These grills are just millimetres in diameter but are extremely durable. For someone walking on the street, these grills are invisible. The invisible grills also offer additional protection from theft and burglary.

- Customizable

Regular grills come in standard sizes and designs. Not all balconies have a uniform design or shape. This is where the invisible grills are a boon. No matter what shape your balcony is, you can still customize these invisible grills. All you need is a space for the plugs to stay, to which the strings are attached. You can customize these invisible grills either horizontally or vertically on your balconies. This is the best option for buildings that have an irregular or designer balconies.

- Confinement

In most houses, things that you leave on the balconies may fall or get carried away with the wind. Grills can prevent this easily by confining and acting as a border to your balconies. For those who wish to set up a miniature garden in your balcony, these invisible grills can act as a support for all the twining and climber plants. You no longer have to fear the tripping of these pots.

- No maintenance cost

Regular iron grills in balconies are prone to damage due to rusting. This requires regular cleaning and maintenance. But the invisible grills for balconies is just a one-time investment. The invisible grill is created with recent technologies. This makes sure that the grills are weather-proof. No matter what the climate outside is, your invisible grills will stand strong and sturdy all round the year. Cleaning these invisible grills is also quite easy. The regular iron grills, at times, are difficult to clean in the intricate areas. But the invisible grills are more like strings and anyone can clean them with ease.

Redesign your homes with added ventilation and natural light by replacing regular your regular iron grills with these invisible grills.

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