Safety is of prime importance, especially if you live in a condo or apartment with little kids. Be it balconies or open windows, keeping your kids away from these open places is indeed very difficult. Setting up an invisible grill is the best solution to this problem. The invisible grill is made from extremely durable material that can even support heavyweights. Unlike the regular grills, that are thick and broad, the invisible safety grills are crafted carefully into very fine wires. The diameter of these wires is usually in millimetres that it is almost impossible to spot these grills from the streets. With these invisible safety grills, you can now confine your kids without compromising on the scenic views from your balconies. Ideally, these grills can also be called, Children safety grills.

Be it villas or apartments, you can set-up an invisible safety grill for balconies or replace traditional window grills with these invisible grills. This will ensure that your living room is brightly lit with natural light. These grills are easy to clean. It is almost impossible for dust to get deposited on these grills. You don’t have to invest a penny for maintenance. These grills are extensively designed with anti-rust technology that also ensures a long life.

Invisible safety grill for the balcony is indeed a boon. You can now enjoy the scenic beauty of the city while staying protected. The invisible grills also protect your homes from burglary. The grill is almost invisible, to people on the streets. You can maintain the style and design of your home without compromising on the safety aspect. An invisible safety grill is also an ideal option for homes with pets.

Invisible safety grills are not just meant for homes. They are ideal for public places as well. This includes hospitals, schools and even malls. These invisible grills make the interior space look more spacious and bright. Invisible safety grills are also ideal to add a lavish and rich-look to individual houses or hotels. These are also ideal substitutes to the regular grills in staircases.

You can design the set up of your invisible safety grill according to your desire. There are two styles in which you can set up the invisible safety grills. Invisible safety grills can be spaced according to your requirements, either in a horizontal or vertical fashion. “We are Creative” can help you customize invisible grills for your homes and workplaces. We work with setting up these grills not just in Mumbai. We also extend our services in setting up invisible safety grills.

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