Bird Control Service

We offer Eco-friendly Bird Control Service like anti-bird netting, pigeon protection net, bird spikes, industrial bird netting & pigeon netting installation.


Bird Spike

Our professional team uses advanced tools to install spikes at various areas like rooftop edges, window sills & chimneys.


Bird Net

We offer integrated bird control solutions like anti-bird netting, industrial bird netting & pigeon netting installation.


Birds do create a mess in and around your house throughout the year. Bird droppings are really harmful to your health and they can lead to several kinds of health problems that will make you ill. The bird droppings lead to the growth of bacteria and other harmful elements which, when in contact with humans can be deadly.

Also, dust from bird wings and the dirty maggots on their body leads to respiratory problems and infectious diseases. It is also responsible for a foul smell from their droppings always. That is why you need to avoid the birds from invading your space and lead to these specific problems.

To help you out with this, Creative Bird Solutions is the best agency for anti-bird solutions. We have a wide range of services which prevent the birds from leaving behind droppings around your property. Have a look at some of the most popular services we offer to the people -

  • Bird Netting - using a high quality and premium bird net is the most convenient and popular service that you can choose. Our exclusive quality nets offer brilliant rigidity and can be fixed almost anywhere. Depending on the requirements, these bird nets can be either cut short or provided in longer lengths as well. Our expert team offers these services in different cities and regardless of which building you live in, we can always help you effectively. Bird Nettings are best suited for houses and they can be easily fixed from the smallest to the biggest of all areas quickly and effortlessly.
  • Anti-bird Nets - using an anti-bird net is also an effective way by which you can choose to inhibit the arrival of birds around your property. These nets are made of high tension and flexible materials which can be fixed from the top to bottom of any building without any hassles. These nets also help to cover the nooks and corners of the building where the birds can make their nests and start to live regularly. These nets can withstand every weather condition and that is why they offer such a long term service for many years to come.
  • Bird Spikes Services - nowadays many people tend to choose a more sophisticated and simple way of getting rid of birds. Bird Spikes can be installed easily around your house over the surfaces of different areas like the windowpane, ceilings and other flat surfaces where birds usually sit. These sharp yet risk-free spikes prevent any birds from arriving at your property in the most humane and affordable way possible.